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[Utilization Purpose of Personal Information]

Personal information of our customers provided in the Contact Form will be utilized for responding to customer’s emails and for improving our services.

For more information regarding how we use our customers’ personal information, please read the following information and agree to our terms and conditions before completing the form.

[Use of Personal Information]

F BIT Communications Inc. (hereafter, “our company”) handles the personal information of our customers as below.


1. Our company highly respects and observes compliance regarding the handling of personal information and will treat personal information accurately and safely. By protecting the personal information of our customers and employees, we will try our best to be assured of their trust.


2. Submitted personal information will be utilized only within the range of the purpose of use noted above. Providing personal information or not is left to the customer’s discretion. However, please understand that it might be possible that a customer is not able to receive a service from our company or our company is not able to respond to a customer’s inquiry if the necessary information is not provided.。


3. It is possible that our company provides personal information to third parties in the following cases:
- Providing personal information to our outsourcing contractor within the necessary range in order to achieve the purpose of use above
- In the case of a disclosure request from the public authorities such as courts, police and other authorities in accordance with compliance
- In a case when providing personal information is particularly necessary in order to protect a person’s life, body or property, or in order to promote the public health and sound development of a juvenile when it is not possible to gain permission from the individual about the disclosure.


4. Our company gives its assurances that personal information submitted by our customers will be managed in the appropriate way. In order to avoid illegal access, leaking of personal information or loss or damage of the personal information, we guarantee that we will follow the necessary and proper safety management procedures and provide a solution promptly if necessary. At the same time, we have our company guidelines regarding the management of personal information so that continuous improvements will be made.


5. Our company will respond promptly when the person him/herself or an agent requests the disclosure of personal information and contacts our service desk.


[Inquiries and Requests regarding Personal Information]


6. Contact Regarding Personal Information

Personal Information Service Desk for Disclosure, Deletion and Other Requests, F BIT Communications Inc.
Address: 23 Muromachi Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8001
Tel: 075-672-4111 (weekdays: 9:00-17:00)


7. Administrator of Personal Information
Yasuaki Kawano
Administrator of Personal Information
F BIT Communications Inc.


*Our service includes: broadband service such as Internet and IP telephone, fixed-line telephone service, electricity providing service and other incidental services.

If you agree to our terms and conditions regarding how our company handles personal information, check the box below.

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