Message from Our President

Yukio Yoshimoto Chairman

We, F BIT Communications Corp., have been developing our business thanks to our customers since our launch over 50 years ago.

F BIT Communications started as a provider of telephone facilities. Our main business was to provide telephone facilities to the dormitories of companies and universities, along with the management commission business of telephone fees. A new Computer Department was launched in 1984 and we developed our own new information networking system for complex housings called “JPS” by combining the telephone facility and computer system. Sales of the JPS began in the same year.

By applying our original know-how to the internet service for complex housings, we have achieved the successful expansion of our business taking advantage of the major trend in IT development. From 2008, we decided to move into the electricity related business as a new challenge. Today, we are proudly providing our services as an “integrated general trade company” such as the ESP (receiving collective electricity at a high voltage), mega solar and the electricity retailing businesses.

We will continue to strive to develop further as a corporation and we hope F Bit Communications will be utilized and loved by an ever-increasing number of customers in the future.

Yukio Yoshimoto
The president

Kyoto Head Office Weekdays / 9:00-17:30 / 075-672-4111