Since June 2016, we have launched a new business brand, “F BIT Electricity.” Today we have 19 sales branches all around Japan providing our services.
Based on our long experience and trust from our customers in the telecommunication business and ESP business, as well as with our basic corporate concept, “Security, Stability and Safety”, we, an electric industry provider (a company providing new electricity resources), will provide “electricity” as a valuable service.
F BIT Communications has been keen on developing renewable energy for a number of years. We started to construct the Muroto Daiichi Mega Solar in 2013 and other mega solar projects followed in Ibaraki, Tochigi, Kumamoto and elsewhere.
So far, we have made EPC projects at 22 locations throughout Japan, including some which are still under construction.
Also, one of the construction projects for the future is to possess our own power plant.
The Misaki Mega Solar Power Plant, now under construction, is such an example. It utilizes cutting-edge construction equipment and the very best of our technology. The power plant is planned to be completed in March 2019 (TBA) as our own power plant.
Not only solar power plants but developing a power source using renewable energy such as biomass power generation is a challenge we are actively working on.
In total 22 locations
Total power production output 100.132 MW

*Including the projects under development.
Since our foundation in 1964, F BIT Communications has provided our customers with communication technologies in response to the demands of the times, such as the telephone, internet and image distribution.
Most conventional forms of communication were by human beings who provided information. However, times have changed and now is the time of IoT – items provide information. Our life is going through a drastic change by the utilization of huge amounts of data from all over the world. A new communication service which is adequate for such an IoT society is essential.
Taking this significant social change of technological innovation as an advantage, F BIT Communication will continue to work hard to connect people and products in the future.
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