Use of Personal Information

F BIT Communications Inc. handles personal information of our customers as below:

1 Our company highly respects and observe compliance regarding how to handle personal information, and will treat personal information accurately and safely. By protecting the personal information of our customers, we will try our best to be assured of their trust.
2 Personal information submitted by customers will be utilized under the conditions below, and the personal information submitted by our employees will be utilized only for necessary procedures regarding employment, company benefits and other occasions.
  • - For confirmation of identity, for starting, amending or terminating a service in accordance with the contract, and for cases related to installation
  • - For confirmation about invoicing
  • - For improving, amending and extending our services
  • - For other purposes regarding our sales
Please understand that it is possible that our company might utilize collected personal information within the necessary range in order to achieve purpose of use after the contract is terminated.
Personal information required to be submitted is limited to name, address, telephone number, email address, bank information for payment and other information that is necessary to receive services from our company.
Providing personal information or not is left to the customer’s discretion. However, please understand that it might be possible that a customer is not able to receive a product and service from our company or our company is not able to respond to a customer’s inquiry if the necessary information is not provided.
In order to provide our products and services to our customers, it sometimes happens that we acquire personal information from companies and organizations with which we provide our services. However, this acquired personal information will be utilized only for the relevant projects. In case our company is related to only a part of the project, the personal information we acquire from the relevant company and organization will be utilized only within the range of necessity for the project.
*Handling of personal information including credit card information
Below is the purpose, name of the credit card information acquirer, name of the receiver of the information, and the length of the retention period in regard to acquire credit card information from our customers (card holder name, card number, and expiration date):
Purpose of use: in order to settle payment for the service we provide
Name of the credit card information acquirer: F BIT Communications Inc.
Name of the receiver of the information: Each credit card company a customer uses for payment
Length of retention period: Continuous
3 t is possible that F BIT Communications provides personal information to third parties in the following cases:
  • - Providing personal information to our outsourcing contractor within the necessary range in order to achieve the purpose of use above
  • - In the case of a disclosure request from the public authorities such as courts, police and other authorities in accordance with compliance
  • - In a case when providing personal information is particularly necessary in order to protect a person’s life, body or property, or in order to promote the public health and sound development of a juvenile when it is not possible to obtain permission from the individual about the disclosure.
4 Our company gives its assurances that personal information submitted by our customers will be managed in the appropriate way. In order to avoid illegal access, leaking of personal information or loss or damage of the personal information, we guarantee that we will follow the necessary and proper safety management procedures and provide a solution promptly if necessary. At the same time, we have our company guidelines regarding the management of personal information so that continuous improvements will be made.
5 Our company will respond promptly when the person him/herself or an agent requests the disclosure of personal information and contacts our service desk below.
6 [Inquiry and Request about Personal Information]
6. Contact Regarding Personal Information
Personal Information Service Desk, F BIT Communications Inc.
Address: 23 Muromachi Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8001
Tel: 075-672-4111 (weekdays: 9:00-17:00)
7 Administrator of Personal Information
Yasuaki Kawano
Administrator of Personal Information
F BIT Communications Inc.

*Our service includes: broadband service such as Internet and IP telephone, fixed-line telephone service, electricity providing service and other incidental services.

About Out Official Website

In order to protect the privacy of those who visit our website, F BIT Communications will take the necessary measures within the reasonable range. Sometimes customers need to provide personal information in order to receive services on our official website (for online sign-up, member’s menu, etc.). In such a case, our company gives our assurance to protect the information such as by encipherment.

About Cookies

Cookies is a system which can provide greater convenience for the customers who visit our official website repeatedly. Cookies will never invade a customers’ privacy nor cause any harm to the customers’ computers. Depending on the browsing software, it is possible to refuse to receive Cookies and no problems will occur when visiting our website. Contact the manufacture of your software regarding how to set the browser.

About SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

In order to assure the safe communication of our customers’ personal information which requires protection on our website, we use the enciphered communication called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Information communicated between the web server of our website and the customer’s browser will be protected by SSL technology.
No extra setting is necessary to use SSL on the customer’s side. Continue to use browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and others which are compliant to the security function and the SSL will start to work automatically when necessary.
Please note that it might be possible that some pages will not be shown and the input of information is blocked if the setting of the browser is not valid for SSL or if one uses the browser without the SSL function.
*Depending on the setting of communication via Firewall, such as an internal LAN connection, SSL might not function properly. Please contact your network administrator. *The URL of the website with the SSL system will appear: https://....

Guarantee and Liability Limitation

The utilization of F BIT Communications Inc.’s official website is carried out under the responsibility of the users. F BIT Communications Inc. will not take any responsibility for any damage and loss caused by using any information on our website or on other websites linked to our website.

Governing Law

The official website of the F BIT Communications Inc. belongs to F BIT Communication Inc. This website can be accessed from all countries around the world where different laws and regulations are applied, however, both those who access our website and F BIT Communications Inc. shall agree that both will be bound by the law of Japan in spite of the fact that there is a difference between the principle of laws of the country which one belongs to. F BIT Communications will not address or display on our website if the contents on our website are appropriate or not in the users’ environment. Accessing our website is decided by the user’s free will and all responsibility of using this website is taken by the user.

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