Corporate Profile

Name of the Corporation
F Bit Communications Corp.
August 1st, 1964
Capital Fund
JPY 425,000,000
Number of Employee
165 (as of June, 2019)
Executive Members
President: Yukio Yoshimoto
Managing Director: Toshiyasu Sakamoto
Board Member: Sakio Hasegawa
Auditor: Ichiro Suzuki
Auditor: Kengo Ono
Auditor: Seigo Yoshimoto
Address of Head Offices
Kyoto Head Office
23 Muromachi Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8001
Tel: 075-672-4111 FAX: 075-671-0001

Tokyo Head Office
2F MID Nihonbashi Horidomecho Building, 1-7-7 Nihonbashi Horidome-cho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012
Tel: 03-3667-4111 FAX: 03-3667-5555
Places of Business
Kyoto Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, Nagoya Branch Office, Osaka Branch Office, Fukuoka Branch Office, Kochi CC
Sapporo Sales Branch, Morioka Sales Branch, Sendai Sales Branch, Shizuoka Sales Branch, Hiroshima Sales Branch, Muroto Sales Branch, Kagoshima Sales Branch
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[Business for Nurturing]
Retail electric, ESP (Energy Service Provider), Retail gas

[Business for Creating]
Mega Solar

[Business for Connecting]
JPS (PBX), ISP (Internet Service Provider)
VOD (Video on Demand), CATV (Cable TV)

Member Organization
Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, Japan (OCCTO)
Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX)
Smart Mansion Open Innovation Initiative (SMOI)
Kochi Photovoltaic Energy Association (KPEA)
Information and Telecommunication Equipment Constructors Association (ITCA)
Information-Communications Business Association
Information-Communications Equipment Association Kyoto-Shiga Group
Next Generation Information-Communications Business Association (NEXCOOP)
Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association (JCTA)
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Amount of sales / Current profit
March, 2013 JPY 4,846 million / JPY 113 million
March, 2014 JPY 6,458 million / JPY 307 million
March, 2015 JPY 9,320 million / JPY 1,007 million
March, 2016 JPY 9,507 million / JPY 1,167 million
March, 2017 JPY 9,360 million / JPY 1,354 million
March, 2018 JPY 20,187 million / JPY 1,477 million
March, 2019 JPY 31,184 million / JPY 2,101 million
March, 2020 JPY 31,654 million / JPY 984 million
March, 2021 JPY 55,714 million / JPY 410 million

Government Approvals and Licenses

Approved for construction
Approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (Special 30) #19690 Electrical construction, building operations and others
Approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (General 24) #19690 Telecommunication operation
Registration and Approvals
Retail Electric Business Operator A0049
Specified-Scale Electricity Business Operator (PPS)
Retail Gas Business Operator A0068
Notification of Telecommunications Business E-6-362
Registered as General Broadcasting Operator #KK0015
Housing Land and Building Dealer Approved by the Governor of Kyoto (5) #10079
Qualification Acquired by Employees
First-class Architect: 1
Type 2 Electrical Professional Engineer: 2
Type 1 Electrical Construction Engineer: 3
Type 2 Electrical Construction Engineer: 8
First-class Electrical Construction Management Engineer: 2
Second-class Electrical Construction Management Engineer: 1
Construction Manager AI.DD Generic: 4
Construction Manager Analog Type 1: 2
Construction Manager Analog Type 2: 2
Construction Manager Digital Type 1: 1
Kyoto Head Office Weekdays / 9:00-17:30 / 075-672-4111